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Helping SERV Kent

Here at Mid-Kent we have undertaken to sponsor Serv Kent for a period of one year to maintain one of the very precious blood bikes in Kent.  We think it’s a wonderful free service that deserves a whole heap more support and a truck load of more sponsorship.  Anyone that would like to know more about this fantastic service go to the SERV website or contact one of our team.

As a company based in Tunbridge wells we think it only right and proper to give something back to the community!  This is why we have already donated over £1800.00 to Sherwood Park Community Primary School to finance their long awaited field trips for the younger pupils – trips that can only benefit and enhance the children’s’ learning ability.  This is something we find very rewarding.  So much so that we have already agreed, in principal, to fund yet another local school to enable trips to the local swimming pool which, again, we think is a very important part of growing up.  If you wish to know more about what can be done to help please contact a member of our team.

Serv Bike