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Welcome to Mid Kent Metals Recycling

Here at Mid-Kent we are changing the way that your redundant scrap metal is collected, processed and recycled.  Our aim is to supply a quality service that, not only can free up some of the more time consuming methods that the customer has in place, but we are con?dent we can achieve a much improved re-imbursement of returned revenue.  Each job is taken on its own merit – be it from the collection of a car to the removal, transportation, and processing of 100s of tons of scrap.  There will be a back room team that ensures the job is conducted with a professional approach, total customer care and of course, above all, transparency to give you, the customer, absolute peace of mind.

Mid-Kent Metals are in this business for the long haul trying new methods for an improved way of recycling, getting to grips with each individual customers’ needs and putting a service in place that will give a fresh outlook to the way this job is done.

For many years the scrap industry has acquired a bad image.  If we can change our service to change perception of our sector then we will have done our job.

If your business is a 24/7 company then so is ours.  Mid-Kent Metal Recycling – a fresh way to recycle.

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